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True Food Kitchen Launches Spring Menu

True Food Kitchen, known for its commitment to high-quality, sustainable and seasonal ingredients at its locations in Las Vegas, has launched a spring menu that provides a fresh take on healthy eating. With over 20 new items added to the menu, this is one of the concept’s biggest restaurant additions to date.

True Food Kitchen’s spring menu features new sandwiches, salads, pizzas, bowls, drinks and desserts, ensuring that every visit is a chance to try something new. “We are really excited for our guests to experience these new additions to the menu,” says John Williams, CEO of True Food Kitchen, in a press release. “We have renewed the focus on flavor-forward and craveable dishes with our own TRUE spin on them. We hope everyone enjoys the mouthwatering renditions of some nostalgic dishes.”

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Among the new dishes is the yam-and-cheese sandwich, a creative vegetarian take on classic meaty sandwiches. Showcasing roasted yams as the main ingredient, the sandwich is enhanced with black-garlic vinaigrette, pickled vegetables and smoked gouda. For those who like traditional comfort foods, try the ultimate pot roast beef dip–a hearty dish of slow-roasted and braised grass-fed beef, served with a flavorful mushroom jus, capturing the essence of a home-cooked pot roast.

True Food Kitchen has also updated its pizza offerings following its switch to sourdough pizza crust. New additions include The Heritage Pepperoni Pizza with uncured pepperoni from Heritage Farms, and the Bougie Blanco, a white pizza topped with parmesan cream, black truffle and hot honey.

The new spring menu also features cocktails and zero-proof beverages. The Avo-Rita is a refreshing rendition of a classic margarita made with avocado and jalapeno, while The Hangover RX is a rejuvenating mix of pineapple, orange, coconut water, aloe vera and organic sea moss.

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