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Nevada Snow Activities

Say hello to snow this winter as Nevada becomes a powdery paradise in contrast to the colorful desert landscape. So get out there and earn your hot chocolate with the help of these Nevada snow activities.

5 Nevada Hot Springs

There is nothing better than unwinding in a warm bath and better yet—one that is nature made and chock-full of detoxifying powers. Lucky for locals and tourists alike, Nevada has over 300 stellar springs to explore.

lake tahoe

Best Lakes to Visit in Nevada This Summer

If you can’t make it out to the ocean this summer, then you can at least make it out to a lake—especially in Nevada. The state is home to several different lake hotspots that are located all throughout Nevada and that offer everything from boating rentals to fishing opportunities, swimming coves and more.

Nevada's Best Water Adventures

Nevada’s Best Water Adventures to Enjoy This Summer

It’s summertime and the living is easy. Regardless of whether or not you have a big, out-of-state excursion planned or you’re just looking to unwind at home, Nevada has water adventures aplenty that are sure to provide a memorable and hydrating refresh on even the hottest summer days. These are Nevada’s best water adventures to enjoy and help make a splash this summer.

Edgewood Tahoe Summer Staycations

Nevada Summer Staycations 2022

You just can’t beat summer in Nevada. From a slew of sexy Las Vegas hotels to horse ranches and cozy, mountain resorts, Nevada has no shortage of staycation offerings that will allow you to enjoy a refreshing summer holiday—all within the comforts of your own state.


Most Luxurious Vegas Pools to Lounge at This Spring

Vegas is chock-full of fun, nonstop activities to enjoy all year-long. But if you’re looking for something a little more relaxed to do this spring, you can’t go wrong with a day (or weekend) spent lounging by one of Sin City’s luxurious resort pools. Here are some of the best pools to unwind or pool-hop at on your next Las Vegas trip.