Fabulous People

Jamie Yacksyzn

Fabulous People: Jamie Yacksyzn

 Jamie Yacksyzn is the owner of two Vegas-based wedding businesses. “I am the main photographer for JamieY Photography, which is a wedding and elopement photography company, and Rock N Romance Elopements, which is an all-inclusive elopement company.”

Kevin DeMaro1

Fabulous People: Kevin DeMaro

Kevin DeMaro is an influencer and professional acrobat, having performed in over 45 countries in touring shows with Disney, Cirque and more. DeMaro can currently be seen performing at the Mayfair Supper Club at Bellagio Las Vegas.

Mark Andelbradt

Fabulous People: Mark Andelbradt

Chef Mark Andelbradt is the managing partner and director of Culinary Operations at Las Vegas-based Naxos Taverna. “Naxos Taverna is a story of exemplary culinary experience, purity of flavors and gracious hospitality that captures the spirit of its namesake, Naxos.”

Carla Pellegrino, Executive Chef and Partner, courtesy of Limoncello Fresh Italian Kitchen

Fabulous People: Carla Pellegrino

Carla Pellegrino is the executive chef of Las Vegas-based Limoncello, a restaurant that was created with the goal of bringing Italian culture and fresh artisan cuisine to the local community. “We love being able to share our culinary craft and passion for providing a memorable dining experience.”