Animal Ark

5 Family-Friendly Activities in Reno

Las Vegas might be the premier adulting destination of the world, but make no mistake—there are plenty of other family-friendly spots all throughout Nevada that are appropriate for all kiddos to enjoy and that will also help your family to create memories beyond the border limits of Sin City. From a river walk to an air races base and even a candy factory, these are the best family-friendly activities in Reno.

Animal Ark

You can never go wrong with a trip to the zoo. And Reno’s Animal Ark conservation provides all the same fun and family enjoyment of a classic zoo setting, encompassed in a wildlife sanctuary setting that aims to inspire stewardship of animal education throughout the greater world. For more information, visit

Truckee River Walk

This historic trail might just seem like another average river walk. But in actuality, it’s one of Nevada’s most recluse and untouched corners of Reno, with a trail that expands all throughout the city and winds right up alongside the city’s river. Any kiddo who loves nature is sure to get a kick out of this unique family-friendly spot in Reno! For more information, visit

Photo courtesy Reno Air Races.

Reno Air Races

The history and legacy of air travel and racing is well-preserved at Reno Air Races—a championship destination that aims to preserve the high-adrenaline motorsport through regular events, competitions, and education that will teach even the littlest admirers more about the craft of flying. For more information, visit

Idlewild Park

Few things feel more memorable and enjoyable for the whole family than a visit to a great local park. Idlewild Park is a particularly special destination, as it comes equipped with everything from playgrounds and exercise courts to barbecues, water play toys, picnic shelters, horseshoe courts, and more. For more information, visit

Kimmie Candy Factory Tours

Any kiddo will get excited about the prospect of visiting a candy store—especially if it’s as whimsical and cool as the Kimmie Candy store. Visitors can tour the company’s factory in Reno for an up-close and sugar-infused glimpse of what goes into making some of today’s most decadent sweet treats. For more information, visit

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