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Nonprofit of the Month: Sin Sity Sisters

Since 2005, Las Vegas-based Sin Sity Sisters has worked to raise funds for Sisters AIDS Drug Assistance Program (SADAP), which provides life-saving medications to people living with HIV/AIDS, while championing the LGBTQ+ community. Here, Sister Prudence Pride of Perfection, president of Sin Sity Sisters, discusses Project Nunway, the nonprofit’s fall fundraising event.

What is the mission of Sin Sity Sisters? We exist as an order of 21st-century nuns, dedicated to the promulgation of universal joy and the expiation of stigmatic guilt. Our ministry is one of public manifestation and habitual perpetration. We work to raise money for our Sisters AIDS Drug Assistance Program (SADAP); fight for queer rights and visibility; do safer sex outreach; and strive diligently to keep our sense of humor, never taking ourselves so seriously that we forget to have fun.

What prompted the start of the nonprofit? The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, founded in San Francisco in 1979, have become a worldwide movement, with orders of queer nuns springing up across the planet fighting for the promulgation of universal joy and the expiation of stigmatic guilt. The Holy Order Sin Sity Sisters are the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence of Las Vegas and was founded in June 2005. We are honored and proud to serve the LGBTQ Community.

What is the greatest reward in being involved with Sin Sity Sisters? As a member of the Sin Sity Sisters, I take immense pride in our mission to provide comfort to our community and support individuals living with HIV/AIDS. We understand the importance of access to life-saving medications, and our fundraising efforts are dedicated to ensuring that those in need receive the necessary treatment. Beyond that, we are deeply committed to preventing the spread of this disease through education and advocacy, working tirelessly to promote safe practices and raise awareness. Our journey is driven by a passion to make a difference in our community, offering support, raising funds, and striving to create a healthier and more compassionate society for all.

What is the biggest challenge the nonprofit faces? In my role within the Sin Sity Sisters, I can’t deny that our most significant challenge lies in our efforts to grow and raise the crucial funds needed for our mission. Every day, we witness the urgent need for medicine and prevention measures for those affected by HIV/AIDS in our community. It’s a constant battle to secure the resources required to make a meaningful impact. However, we remain undeterred by this challenge, knowing that every dollar we raise is a step closer to providing life-saving medications and preventing the further spread of this devastating disease. We are driven by our commitment to making a difference, and we won’t rest until we’ve achieved our goals, no matter how challenging the path may be.

What are your goals for the remainder of the year? As we look ahead to the remainder of the year, the Sin Sity Sisters have set ambitious goals that reflect our unwavering commitment to our community. First and foremost, we are dedicated to ensuring the success of Project Nunway, one of our most significant fundraisers, which plays a vital role in our mission [see below for more information]. Simultaneously, we’ve taken on the exciting challenge of planning Red Dress Party 2024, marking a milestone in our organization’s history as we’ve never before tackled planning both of our largest fundraisers simultaneously. Amidst these endeavors, we are determined to maintain a strong and visible presence at all upcoming events, including Pride, Rodeo and more, ensuring that our support, advocacy and compassion continue to touch the lives of those we serve. The Sin Sity Sisters are ready to embrace these challenges and seize the opportunities that lie ahead, driven by our passion for making a positive impact in our community.

Tell us about Project Nunway. Does the nonprofit have any other events or fundraisers on the horizon? Project Nunway is our annual runway show [taking place Oct. 14 at Sahara Las Vegas], where local designers collaborate with Sisters to create stunning outfits around this year’s theme, “80’s Rewind.” Hosted by Alexis Mateo and featuring performances by Chad Michaels, it’s a night of fashion and entertainment you won’t want to miss. Stay tuned for Red Dress Party 2023, coming in late February 2024, as we continue our mission to support our community.

How can readers help? You can purchase tickets for our upcoming event, Project Nunway, by visiting Your participation is greatly appreciated and contributes to our efforts in making a positive impact on our community. Additionally, if you wish to make a direct donation to support our cause, please visit our website at

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