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John Wick Experience Coming to AREA15 Las Vegas

The world of John Wick is set to make its mark on Las Vegas as Lionsgate joins forces with AREA15, an immersive entertainment district minutes away from the Strip. The John Wick Experience is a cutting-edge attraction set to open in late 2024.

Collaborating on John Wick Experience in Las Vegas are franchise director, stuntman and filmmaker Chad Stahelski and 87Eleven Entertainment, making it an authentic experience for fans of the Keanu Reeves-helmed films. The experience is based on the billion-dollar John Wick motion picture franchise that Stahelski produces with Basil Iwanyk and Erica Lee at Thunder Road Films. Stahelski is also collaborating closely with Egan Productions, which has over 20 years of expertise in all aspects of production and operations. Notably, the company has previously partnered with Lionsgate’s fourth Las Vegas attraction based on the studio’s beloved movies, including The Hunger Games: The Exhibition.

“It’s always gratifying to see people embrace your story and characters, whether on the big screen or with a fully immersive experience like this one,” says Stahelski, in a recent press release. “The teams at Lionsgate, AREA15 and Egan really dive into this world, and I’m excited that fans will experience it live in Vegas.”

Situated on the AREA15 campus, the John Wick Experience spans 12,000 square feet. The ticketed attraction seamlessly merges an immersive theater with themed cinematic environments, creating an interactive journey that transcends the bounds of reality. Guests will find themselves engrossed in the fantastical underworld of John Wick, navigating a high-stakes adventure and having an opportunity to visit a themed bar and retail shop that will be open to the general public.

Each group of guests will be assigned a mission that unfolds in unique ways as they interact with characters, mythology and iconography from the John Wick universe. Whether rubbing shoulders with Continental staff, assassins or crime bosses, guests will be immersed in the culture, entrusted with secrets and invited to explore private areas of the Continental, ensuring an authentic and adrenaline-pumping experience.

“We are enormously proud Lionsgate selected AREA15 for the John Wick Experience, which elevates our growing roster of premier experiences yet again,” says Winston Fisher, CEO of AREA15, in a recent press release. “Now, we look forward to welcoming even more visitors and fans of the franchise. After all, you never know who you’re going to meet in Las Vegas, and with this addition, it will be even more mysterious, intriguing and mind-blowing.”

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