Juneteenth 2022 celebrations

How to Celebrate Juneteenth 2022 in Nevada

With its 155-year history, Juneteenth celebrates the emancipation of Black men, women and children in the United States. Now with its newly-minted (and frankly long-overdue) national holiday status, Juneteenth is being celebrated and embraced in whole new ways this year—with Nevada emerging as just one of many states set to host celebratory events aplenty.

Here’s exactly how to celebrate Juneteenth 2022 in Nevada this year:

Celebrate the mission at Mend A City: The Movement

The Mend A City Movement works off of a single mission: to mend a group of people through community-oriented experiences and address the interwoven issues of racism that are engrained within our society. This particular Las Vegas-based event will take place in the heart of the Arts District in Downtown Las Vegas on June 18, and will feature an inspirational performance art piece by Tabia Mawusi, Xulee and Philip J Lightfoot. For more information, visit www.vartscouncil.org.

Learn about Juneteenth’s history at Discovery Children’s Museum

On June 19, Nevada’s Discovery Children’s Museum will host an event in partnership with the Nevada Energy Foundation, which will feature a specially curated programming that aims to celebrate the emancipation of those who had previously been enslaved by the United States, all while exploring the country’s history in this regard through a more focused lens. For more information, visit www.discoverykidslv.org.

Get in the spirit at the 21st Annual Las Vegas Juneteenth Festival

Music, food, culture and art all come together at the 21st Annual Las Vegas Juneteenth Festival—a free festival showcase presented by Rainbow Dreams Educational Foundation that aims to commemorate the abolishment of slavery and celebrate the positive impact African Americans have made on American culture. For more information, visit www.eventbrite.com.

Get shopping at the Easy Days Black Market

Happening Saturday, June 19, Easy Days Mini Mart is hosting its Juneteenth-inspired return of the Easy Days Black Market—a celebratory event set to include live music, games and some performing acts that will highlight the importance of the national holiday. Attendees can also appreciate the opportunity to shop from some of their favorite small-business vendors. For more information, visit www.eventbrite.com.

Indulge in the Jubilee Juneteenth Breakfast

The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas is set to host this special Jubilee Juneteenth Breakfast extravaganza in partnership with the NAACP Las Vegas Branch—with a live celebration of Juneteenth, as well as an elevated recognition of the rich legacy of African American history. Get ready to celebrate the holiday with meaningful camaraderie cultivated via shared food, song and fellowship. For more information, visit www.eventbrite.com.

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