Super Bowl LVII: Flights from Las Vegas to Phoenix

Looking to fly in style to Phoenix for Super Bowl LVII weekend? JSX, the world’s only five-star hop-on jet service, offers flights from Las Vegas to Phoenix starting at $249 each way during Super Bowl weekend.

Offering convenience and consistency, JSX has an industry-leading completion rate of 99.5 percent, which is especially comforting during what is sure to be a super-busy travel weekend into Phoenix for Super Bowl LVII.

JSX offers seamless and accessible short-haul getaways–like the new non-stop flights from Las Vegas to Phoenix for Super Bowl weekend for football fans. JSX’s 30-seat jets, equipped with modern interiors, fly directly out of private terminals and feature plenty of legroom, power outlets in every row, frictionless security and a check-in time of only about 20 minutes before departure.

JSX flights allow two complimentary checked bags, weighing 50 pounds each, as well as onboard cocktails and gourmet snacks. And once you arrive, deplaning and baggage retrieval happens within minutes of arrival.


In addition, small dogs and cats fly free of charge as long as the pet is stowed in an FAA-approved pet carrier underneath the seat in front of the owner. Most dogs up to 65 pounds can fly in-cabin by purchasing an adjacent seat.

JSX customers can book tickets for the non-stop flights from Las Vegas to Phoenix during Super Bowl weekend at www.jsx.com or via its mobile app.

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