AREA15 Begins Expansion in Las Vegas

AREA15, the groundbreaking immersive art and entertainment district just minutes from the excitement of the Las Vegas Strip, has begun a monumental construction to expand the venue and redefine the essence of immersive entertainment.

Promising a new era of excitement and immersive experiences, AREA15 has begun construction on a 20-acre expansion along Interstate 15. The new development will extend beyond the main building, known for its immersive art and entertainment experiences, including Meow Wolf, Illuminarium and Five Iron Golf. 

Adding to its ever-growing collection of experiences, AREA15’s expansion will include new thrills, including Horror Unleashed, a new Universal Destinations & Experience attraction featuring spine-chilling year-round horror. This addition promises to be an intense venture into the depths of fear, capturing the essence of horror in a way that only AREA15 can deliver.

Adding to the exhilaration, the expansion will introduce iFLY Indoor Skydiving, equipped with the latest vertical wind-tunnel technology. This attraction is set to redefine the boundaries of adventure, allowing visitors to experience the sensation of free fall in a controlled and safe environment.


“Consumers continue to gravitate toward artful new forms of entertainment providing immersive experiences, authentic connections and real emotions. The demand continues to grow, and we are ready to dive into this substantial expansion and find more partnerships that will have a lasting impact on the AREA15 District and the City of Las Vegas,” says Winston Fisher, chief executive officer of AREA15, in a press release.

While the anchor experiences promise unparalleled thrills, AREA15 has more surprises in store, with over 450,000 square feet of customizable retail and food and beverage spaces gracing the expanded district. Tenant leasing opportunities range from cozy 1,000-sq.-ft. spaces to expansive 60,000-sq.-ft. areas, inviting a myriad of businesses to become a part of this immersive ecosystem.

The southern end of the district will host the colossal Universal Destinations & Experiences in a stand-alone building occupying over 110,000 square feet. Meanwhile, over 85,000 square feet will be dedicated to pop-ups and outdoor experiences, including a repurposed Boeing 747 aircraft transformed into a unique event space.

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