The Punk Rock Museum to Open in Las Vegas

On Friday, Jan. 13, The Punk Rock Museum will open in Las Vegas as the largest attraction in the world devoted to the background, culture and absolute absurdity of the punk rock scene.

The massive 12,000-sq.-ft. museum is currently undergoing construction but will eventually be situated between the Las Vegas Strip and Downtown Vegas in a glamorous yet gritty industrial area. Upon opening, guests at The Punk Rock Museum can expect to be engulfed by punk artifacts, including handwritten lyrics, instruments, clothes, pictures, posters and artwork. But this expansive space won’t only feature relics and memorabilia from the global punk movement, but also a full bar, tattoo parlor, wedding chapel, merch shop, performance space and much more. 

You may be wondering how this larger-than-life concept came to be. Well, while chatting with a group of friends, Mike “Fat Mike” Burkett of the American punk rock band NOFX, had the idea of starting a punk music museum. The concept gained momentum quickly, and Burkett assembled a group that included Fletcher Dragge, guitarist for Pennywise; Bryan Ray Turcotte, visual artist; Vinnie Fiorello, American rock musician and businessman, and hundreds of other like-minded artists to form the Punk Collective. Together, they developed the idea into a far bigger project—the founding of The Punk Rock Museum.

The Punk Rock Museum

The Punk Collective imagined a museum dedicated to the significant cultural influence punk music has had over the past 50 years. Visitors to The Punk Music Museum, both devoted punk rock enthusiasts and inquisitive onlookers, will undergo a unique, hands-on punk rock experience. The carefully curated items will enthrall guests and give an exclusive peek into the perspectives of past punk rock legacies. Intriguing items include Debbie Harry’s iconic Vultures shirt, Johnny Thunders’ 1959 guitar, the Devo helmet molds, DC Scream’s amp from the “Faith/Void” cover and even the chainsaw that Sum 41 used to open their gigs. But that’s just the beginning. There will be tons of other well-used-and-abused objects by everyone’s favorite artists.

There’s still more to discover. Punk enthusiasts of all ages can also visit the museum’s Jam Room, where they can use genuine guitars, basses and amps to play real instruments previously owned by famous musicians. Rise Against, NOFX, Pennywise, Sick of it All, Strung Out and several other artists have instruments on display in this space for testing out.

There are currently seven ticket packages for the presale. The entry-level $100 “Crustie” bundle offers museum admission, uncustomized, ill-fitting T-shirts and a suitably warm beer at the bar. The more expensive but more exclusive “In the Shitter” package includes a plaque with the buyer’s name above a toilet, urinal or bathroom stall door; a not-for-sale staff jacket; tickets to the all-night opening night party; a tattoo by Mike from T.S.O.L. or Fletcher from Pennywise; and the privilege of drinking at the bar that bears their own name.

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