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Atomic Museum has recently adopted a fresh identity and a daring new mission. The Las Vegas museum now not only features exciting exhibits that interactively educate visitors on the history of the Atomic Age, but also the intriguing pop culture influences that sparked its inception.

A national center for science, history and education, Atomic Museum depicts the history of the United States’ nuclear weapons testing program at the Nevada Test Site. The museum emphasizes the atomic fever that swept the country in the 1950’s when atomic tests began to be broadcast on television, continuing to tell the tale of the Nevada Test Site and the nation’s nuclear weapons development.

Since opening, the museum has amassed one of the world’s largest collections of atomic history. With more than 3,500 artifacts, thousands of rare photographs, fascinating videos and lots of scientific evidence, the current collection is more riveting than ever before. Especially the “Atomic Testing in Pop Culture” exhibit, which features atomic-themed comic books, old-fashioned candy, antique children’s toys, vintage liquor, as well as objects associated with atomic tourism in Las Vegas.

Atomic Museum

“Atomic and Vegas are two of the most powerful words in the English language,” says Chief Executive Officer Rob McCoy in a press release. “Combining the two only enhances our appeal to broader audiences. By adding new and expanded perspectives related to nuclear history at the museum, we look forward to engendering a greater sense of excitement and curiosity for all things atomic.”

Under McCoy’s direction, the museum’s outreach has increased, drawing in residents of Las Vegas and tourists from around the world. With new systems and outreach initiatives in place, there is no better time to visit the Las Vegas museum and embrace the popular appeal of the Atomic Age.

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