Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart: A Mindblowing Interactive Las Vegas Experience

Santa Fe-based arts and entertainment company Meow Wolf brought its second permanent exhibition, Omega Mart, to the AREA15 entertainment district in Las Vegas last year, and it has become a must-see attraction in the city. 

Anyone familiar with the iconic Meow Wolf in Santa Fe knew what to expect when the collective launched Omega Mart. For over a decade, Meow Wolf has provided guests with an unparalleled visual and sensational interactive art experience (so popular that a 2018 documentary about the company was produced), and Omega Mart is by far its most ambitious project yet. Over one million guests have already experienced this one-of-a-kind attraction located right off the Strip.


By all metrics, Omega Mart is a staggering achievement for Meow Wolf. “The process of creating Omega Mart was a monumental undertaking that sourced the work of 325 artists and collaborators over the course of three years,” says Corvas Brinkerhoff, Meow Wolf co-founder and Las Vegas executive creative director. “It was bigger and more advanced than anything we’d ever done before, and we are incredibly proud to have not only witnessed it come to life but to see Omega Mart receive such a warm welcome from the Las Vegas and tourism communities.”

Omega Mart is located inside AREA15, a massive indoor entertainment district offering live events, art installations, immersive activations and unique shopping, bars and eateries. One could literally spend days exploring and experiencing all there is to do in AREA15, from VR experiences to ziplining to games and more. It is truly a sight to see, and Omega Mart is the central attraction.


The entrance to Omega Mart resembles a traditional American grocery story, but further examination reveals that something is a little “off” about the space and the items on the shelves. While browsing the grocery store, shoppers have access to experience more than 100 custom-made surrealist and satirical products such as Impact Corn, Wake Up Please! Energy Drink, Caltucky Freedom Glaze and Americanized Beef. Many of these cool, original items are actually for sale and make great souvenirs from your Omega Mart visit.

This groovy grocery storefront serves up plenty of entertainment just walking through the aisles, but it is what lies behind the store walls that is the true Meow Wolf experience. Through several different “portals” like a refrigerated beverage case, you can access a parallel dimension with four distinct spaces and 60 additional unique environments. Once you enter what is beyond the facade, the real magic of Omega Mart begins to take shape.


Guests are soon transported to a multi-story interactive exhibit that is a wonder to explore. This interactive, mind-bending immersive art experience features work from both international and local artists. For first-time visitors, it is truly a transformative and spellbinding experience — not unlike a surrealist Disneyland — with a true dedication to immersion and wonder at a level which few attractions in the world can compare. Patrons of all ages will easily become engulfed in the wonder of this unique playground. 


There are several unique sections inside Omega Mart, with each offering a seemingly endless amount to touch, hear and see. Two favorites are The Factory (a multilevel playground with interactive light experiences and two tube slides on the top two floors), and The Projected Desert (a massive sensory experience with moving water and projections on the side of an indoor rock formation).

As with Meow Wolf Santa Fe (dubbed “House of Eternal Return”), there is a narrative at play in Omega Mart. “Omega Mart is an impressive feat of ingenuity and artful storytelling,” says Meow Wolf CEO Jose Tolosa. Patrons are free to uncover clues to the story behind Omega Mart if they wish, or just explore freely and let the story behind it slowly envelop them during their journey. 

For those wishing to uncover all of Omega Mart’s secrets and get the most out of their visit, we recommend opting for the additional OMEGA ACCESS EXPERIENCE, a $3 access card that can only be purchased at Omega Mart. The card (reusable on second visits) grants guests the ability to unlock additional information by interacting with kiosks across the attraction and adds hours of entertainment to your Omega Mart visit.

However you choose to experience Omega Mart, we can confidently say that this is one of the most unique and must-visit attractions in Las Vegas, an incredible, affordable entertainment option for Las Vegas residents and visitors alike. There really is nothing like it.

Omega Mart is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to midnight. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit

3215 S. Rancho Dr. Ste. 100
Las Vegas, NV 89102

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