Best Places to See Fall Leaves in Nevada

Venture off the beaten path and escape into nature to experience the sights, smells and sounds of autumn while admiring the Nevada fall leaves that will make you feel like you’re a part of a postcard.

Reno Riverwalk District 


Grab a coffee at a local café, then take a leisurely stroll down the Truckee River in the Reno Riverwalk District to see the stunning colors of autumn. The paved river walk serves as something of a focal point for the city’s arts, culture, history and food scenes as it spans and swirls throughout the downtown. So, while you ponder the riverwalk, be sure to take time to explore the endless selection of shops and restaurants to taste some fall flavors and make some holiday purchases. Guests can also take to the water with the help of a kayak to experience the fall foliage in a more immersive fashion. There’s always boatloads of fall fun to be had on the riverside, which highlights Reno’s natural beauty perfectly.

Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge

Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge 

Amargosa Valley

As the ash trees change orange and gold in the fall and the birds migrate south for the winter, the weather is even lovelier at Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge. This serene sanctuary protects nearly 30 different plant and animal species, as well as their ecosystems. Known as the largest oasis in the Mojave Desert, this refuge is home to many plants and animals that can only be found in Nevada. Be on the lookout for bighorn sheep and chuckwalla lizards, which are unique to the area. As you walk down the boardwalk, you will not only be surrounded by fall foliage, but also crystal blue hot springs, lush wetlands and mountain views. The best time of year to visit this wildlife refuge is when the temperatures have drastically cooled down, starting in mid-October and continuing into early November.

Spooner Lake State Park

Carson City

There’s no better place to see Nevada fall leaves than at Spooner Lake Park. You can hike the entire trail around the jewel-esque Marlette Lake while enjoying the yellowing aspens and alpine views. This natural oasis not only offers natural beauty, but also 50 miles of hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking and primitive roads. And make sure to bring your camera and binoculars because the famous and historic 4.4-mile Marlette Flume Trail is lined with colorful trees and wildlife. Come back during wintertime, as this desert destination is also famous for its snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

Ruby Lake Wildlife Refuge

Ruby Lake Wildlife Refuge

Ruby Valley

Often described as heaven on earth, Ruby Lake Wildlife Refuge is a Nevada hidden gem. This untouched marsh gives you the impression that you are far from civilization. However, it is actually a hub for outdoor enthusiasts. Over 300,000 acres of spring-fed wetlands that make up the refuge are covered in rich, colorful foliage during the fall season. Numerous outdoor activities, from camping to fishing, are the stars of the show at Ruby Lake. But you also can’t miss out on the chance to go on a hike and see deer, rabbits, elk and a variety of birds. This remote refuge delights guests with serene solitude and amusing adventure.

Floyd Lamb State Park

Las Vegas

This beautiful area is an oasis in the Mojave Desert and is a great place for picnics, photo opportunities and simply strolling through the color-changing cottonwood trees. In addition to volleyball courts and fishing ponds, this family-friendly park has cycle, horse and pedestrian lanes to fully take advantage of the fall foliage. Floyd Lamb State Park offers guests a chance to snap a shot of the rippling reflections of orange and yellow trees as they glimmer over the serene water. And while you stare out over the stunning pond, be sure to keep an eye out for geese as they flock and splash below, as well as striking peacocks strutting their stuff. Guests can also feel free to stay the entire day and pack a picnic lunch to enjoy under a gazebo surrounded by autumnal colors.

Zephyr Cove

Zephyr Cove

Lake Tahoe

There’s no better way to celebrate the changing of the Nevada fall leaves than a weekend retreat on a cozy autumn weekend. Zephyr Cove provides the perfect resting place for relaxation and plenty of opportunities to peep the fall leaves along lovely Lake Tahoe. The lake itself is situated in a gorgeously wooded basin and is well-known for its deep blue hue, which complements the golden tones of fall. Additionally, the renowned Zephyr Cove Resort will give visitors the opportunity to horseback ride, boat cruise and dine while overlooking the colors of fall. Cozy up with a book by the fire in a lakeside cabin or take a risk and experience 360-degree views of the foliage from an even more colorful parasail.

Lamoille Canyon 

Elko County

This cozy canyon is tucked away in the Ruby Mountains and is home to an array of vibrant fall hues. The colors are so vibrant that they can be seen above from the Lamoille Canyon Scenic Byway. However, if you’re seeking a closer look, be sure to adventure a little deeper into the canyon by foot for a hike. The Ruby Mountains, better known as “The Swiss Alps of Nevada,” provide spectacular scenery and boundless exploration opportunities. Fall is unquestionably the best time to experience the beauty of the mountains and canyons, as the intensity of the awe-inspiring fall foliage is in full force. Numerous routes in the canyon offer some of the most breathtaking views of mountains, valleys, lakes and other natural features. As you ascend higher, the sights will only become better and more breathtaking.

Lake Mead

The ideal destination for an autumn getaway is Lake Mead, surrounded by mountains, canyons, valleys and, of course, colorful Nevada fall leaves. This lovely lake has spectacular scenery and dazzling blue waters. Better yet, Lake Mead is known as a destination for viewing night skies illuminated by the Milky Way. With more than 750 miles of coastline, guests can spend the day catching some rays at the beach before tucking into a cove for some camping and s’mores. America’s largest reservoir is the ideal spot to kick back and enjoy the autumn scenery with family and friends.

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