Best Hikes in Nevada

Best Hikes in Nevada

Las Vegas might get all the hype for being Nevada’s main attraction, but in actuality, the state is home to so much beauty to both locals and travelers alike. From expansive desert landscapes and towering rock formations, to hidden desert oases and piercing mountain peaks, the state boasts a wide variety of untouched scenery–most of which can best be explored via Nevada’s wide array of hiking trails and nature paths. 

If you’re looking for a calmer, less conventional trip to Nevada, consider embarking on one of the state’s very best hikes–with a few that are actually fairly close to the Las Vegas Strip, too.

Cathedral Gorge Trail

Cathedral Gorge State Park, Panaca

At Cathedral Gorge State Park, the holy landscapes evoke a truly ethereal essence–in a way that only truly awe-inspiring, untouched natural destinations can. Located along U.S. Highway 93, the hike winds in between otherworldly formations and even the occasional moon cave.

Fire Wave Trail

Valley of Fire State Park, Overton

While the hike might not be as intense as its name sounds, Valley of Fire State Park boasts about as quintessential of a desert landscape as you can get–so it’s imperative that hikers are prepared for the unique terrain and weather, regardless of the time of the year. Plus, the buttes along the walk at Fire Wave Trail often glimmer with deep pink hues.

Photo courtesy Travel Nevada.

Alpine Lakes Loop Trail

Great Basin National Park, Baker

Surprising as it may be, Great Basin National Park is actually settled within the state of Nevada–though its picturesque views certainly resemble the mountainous beauty of Colorado. The Alpine Lakes Loop Trail, in particular, is 2.7 miles long and features pristine views of rushing brooks, untouched meadows and the occasional snow-capped mountaintops. 

Ice Box Canyon Trail

Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area, Las Vegas

Sure, Las Vegas might not be known for its secluded, nature hike offerings, but the city is home to the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area–which offers glimpses of rocky boulders, sandy walking trails and picturesque red sandstone peaks. Plus, it’s only about a 20-minute drive to and from the Las Vegas Strip–so you can easily squeeze into your agenda on your next weekend getaway to Sin City.

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