Arte Museum Las Vegas

With exhibitions that blend the lines between fantasy and reality, Arte Museum offers one of the most unique art experiences on the Las Vegas Strip–and now with special pricing for Nevada residents. 

Arte Museum has arrived on the Las Vegas Strip and with memorable style at that. This place isn’t like your traditional museum or gallery. Rather, it’s an art experience unlike anything else we’ve encountered. Walking through Arte Museum feels like you’ve been given an all-access pass to experience a virtual reality without the usual headset.


The $25-million, two-story, 30,000-sq.-ft. digital art venue is produced by world-class Korean design company d’strict. The new Las Vegas location is the first of its kind to debut in the United States. 

To encourage locals to experience the visual magic, the Arte Museum is now offering a $10 discount on the standard ticket price for Nevada residents, as well as early bird (10 to 11:30 a.m.) and twilight (8:30 to 10 p.m.) viewings. 

Each zone of Arte Museum is aided with sounds borrowed from nature, such as blowing wind, waterfalls and crashing waves created by Music Director Young-gyu Jang, a globally renowned composer.


To help you engage with all five of your senses, each zone of the museum is also pumped with its own special fragrance. Scents that match the vision of each space, carefully produced by a dedicated perfumer, make the virtual parts of the experience feel all that much more real. (Bonus: You can buy perfumes of each of the scents in the gift shop after your visit, too.) 

On top of the exhibitions, Arte Museum also offers a unique tea bar experience, where you can cap off your visit with sweet, tea-based drinks that are inspired by the exhibits and garnished with media art. Literally. You can choose from the caramel latte, with coffee, caramel flavor and whole or almond milk; the golden black milk tea, with black tea, sugar and whole or almond milk; or strawberry milk tea, with whole milk and a sweet strawberry flavor. 

arte museum las vegas tea

But no matter which tea you decide to sample, make sure you sip on it and stay awhile to enjoy not only what’s in your tea, but what’s projected on your tea. If you want milk tea steeped with sweetness and actual stars and roses that come to life within your cup, we promise this is a worthy way of wrapping up your museum visit. 

General admission tickets for adults start at $50. Valet parking is available at 63 Las Vegas on Harmon Avenue and South City Center Road, directly between The Cosmopolitan and City Center. Arte Museum Las Vegas is open Monday to Sunday, 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Last admission to the museum is 10 p.m.

For tickets and more information about Arte Museum Las Vegas, visit

3716 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Ste. 208
Las Vegas, NV 89158

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