AREA15 Welcomes New Games and Attractions

AREA15 in Las Vegas welcomes The Lab, an interactive attractions and gaming hub with an array of tech-driven games and experiences, including AREA15’s first-ever proprietary IP innovations.

AREA15’s exciting new attractions and games offer visitors of all ages the chance to design their own adventure, customizing their own futuristic fun. The Lab’s variety of virtual reality and augmented reality attractions provides a diverse range of experiences for visitors seeking something beyond the traditional theme park.


“AREA15 is not just redefining what an entertainment complex can be but also setting a new standard for what an amusement park should offer,” says Winston Fisher, chief executive officer, AREA15. “We’re expanding upon the brick-and-mortar, immersive and interactive attractions AREA15 has become known for into a new, personalized playground of the future—a distinctive, digitally augmented world where each visitor can design their own unique adventure. With Origin Quest and our array of immersive attractions in The Lab, we offer an environment where the extraordinary becomes the expected and every visit is an unparalleled adventure in storytelling and innovation.”

The centerpiece of The Lab is Origin Quest, a pioneering, narrative-driven scavenger hunt throughout six stations scattered throughout the district that invites guests to unravel the enigmatic origin story of AREA15. Other state-of-the-art attractions include AR Dodgeball, Bot Breach (an AREA15 IP innovation) and Laser Maze.

AR/VR experiences at The Lab comprise Birdly, which mimics the avian experience; OZ Ride, which offers guests a choice of adventures while seated in a sensory-enhancing chair; and, perfect for racing enthusiasts, Grand Prix Racing Sims.


Tickets to the new attractions at The Lab can be purchased individually or as part of the AREA15 Experience Passes (one-day passes start at $49 per person for up to eight attractions). For more information, visit

3215 S. Rancho Dr.
Las Vegas, NV 89102

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