A Guide to Sledding in Nevada

Thanks to Nevada’s never-ending mountainous terrain, sledding has never been simpler. And with the help of this guide to sledding in Nevada, your search for the perfect hill can be a thing of the past.

Wild Horse State Recreation Area


Nevada’s beautiful Cave Lake State Park may attract more guests when it’s covered in wildflowers during the warmer months. However, it’s also a hidden gem during the colder months, when it becomes a winter destination full of exciting experiences. The adventure begins with several scenic slopes, perfect for sledding. Meanwhile, when you’re taking a break from the action, you’ll be blown away by mountain views accompanied by mesmerizing sunsets. If you end up falling in love with this dreamy destination, there’s always the option to extend your visit and stay in a cozy cabin at the base of the park. For more information, visit

Mogul Park


In the middle of what can only be described as a snow-covered paradise, Mogul Park attracts guests of all ages to its snowy slopes. The not-too-steep sledding hills are ideal for a leisurely ride through the fresh powder. In addition, a much flatter lawn area is the perfect spot for snowmen, snow angels and maybe even a snowball fight. This Nevada sledding hill is definitely a must-try destination for the winter, but it’s also a good spot to keep in mind during the warmer months. Once the snow melts, Mogul Park is brought to life with playgrounds, tennis courts and picnic sites. For more information, visit

Cave Lake State Park


The best way to enjoy the freshly fallen snow is by going sledding at the idyllic Cave Lake State Park. During a typical winter, the park is completely covered with several feet of snowy goodness. Guests should not only bring their sleds, but also a pair of ice skates to hit the ice. And if you’d prefer to pop up a shanty and ice fish, Cave Lake is also perfect for that. With something for everyone, this Nevada sledding destination can keep the entire family entertained. For more information, visit

Spooner Summit

Round Hill

Most stunning when covered in snow, Spooner Summit is a must-visit location for a genuine sledding experience. The summit offers plenty of space for sledding of all kinds, from steep slopes for those who are more daring to less daunting inclines for those who are just looking for an easy ride. So grab your saucers, toboggans and tubes and get ready to make some memories at this Nevada sledding hill. For more information, visit

Foxtail Group Picnic Site

Las Vegas

Just outside of Las Vegas, the Foxtail Group Picnic Site will serve as a reminder that it is possible to sled your stress away. This Nevada sledding hill has the ideal conditions for the family-friendly sport thanks to a big hill with a gentle slope. In addition to the hill, the park provides tons of wintertime entertainment in the form of snowy scenery and walking trails that resemble a winter wonderland. For more information, visit

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