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5 Nevada Museums to Visit This Summer

Even with school out and summer fun abundant, there are still plenty of opportunities to tap into some good old-fashioned, educational fun—with the help of a local museum or resource center, of course. Fortunately for kiddos and parents alike, Nevada has a number of truly informative museums that cover everything from the state’s history to Southwest art and even a haunted fable or two.

These are the five best Nevada museums to check out this summer that will prove to be fun for the whole family.

Nevada State Museum

Las Vegas

As Nevada’s premier museum, the Nevada State Museum helps to educate the general public and tourists with information regarding the Southwest destination’s expansive history and origins—via permanent preserves, exhibits and even large-scale showcases (like actual paleontological fossils) that bring the inimitable culture of Nevada to life. For more information, visit

Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery


Authentic Southwest art can be hard to come by—but through Nevada’s Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery, the intricate works of hundreds of artists, painters, photographers and more (both local and global) are showcased via a refreshingly accessible destination. For more information, visit

The Hoover Dam Museum

Boulder City

The Hoover Dam might not technically be one of the major wonders of the world, but it certainly attracts a wide variety of visitors looking to admire its construction and bask in the views of Boulder City. For those tourists hoping to enhance their knowledge of this major Las Vegas attraction, you can’t pass up an opportunity to visit the Hoover Dam Museum—which features photographs and artifacts of the destination’s early beginnings. For more information, visit

Nevada State Railroad Museum

Boulder City

The unique beginnings of the Boulder Branch Line seamlessly come to life through the Nevada State Railroad Museum—a historic destination that features exhibitions on the Nevada Test Site, Hoover Dam Construction and the railroading heritage in Nevada. For more information, visit

Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum

Las Vegas

This museum visit isn’t for the faint of heart. But if you’re a lover of all things spooky and paranormal, then a visit to the Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum is a must the next time you’re in Vegas. Visitors will be able to venture down winding hallways, stroll through secret passages and check out more than 30 creepy rooms that aim to rival scenes from Hollywood horror films. For more information, visit

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