5 Nevada Hot Springs

With the cooler months just around the corner, it’s almost time for hot spring season. There is nothing better than unwinding in a warm bath and better yet—one that is nature made and chock-full of detoxifying powers. Lucky for locals and tourists alike, Nevada has over 300 stellar springs to explore. The following are the top five hot springs to visit in Nevada. 

Note that some hot springs may be experiencing seasonal closures.

Soldier Meadows Hot Springs


Hidden in the remote Black Rock Desert in Gerlach, Soldier Meadows Hot Springs offers a unique scenic oasis that is naturally made and does not utilize metal tubs. The warm springs are rock-dam pools, with temperatures traditionally ranging from 90 to 100, but can fluctuate due to environmental changes. (Be sure to always check the temperature before climbing in.) Each pool houses the endangered Springtail snail and comes in various shapes and sizes, some large enough to fit a group of four. A nearby campsite, the Soldier Meadows BLM cabin, is available just north of the springs, perfect for those looking to soak up the most of the natural preserve. To learn more about Soldier Meadows Hot Springs, visit blackrockdesert.org.

Trego Hot Springs


Also located in the Black Rock Desert is the Trego Hot Springs, one of the largest springs in the county. Unlike its sister spring site, Trego Hot Springs offers a mud-based pool full of rich minerals and natural detoxifying agents. The waters range from 90 to 100 degrees, are located next to various camping spots and are easily assessable; no need for a mighty truck. The mud can be used as a face or body mask for the ultimate skin detox. To learn more about Trego Hot Springs, visit blackrockdesert.org.  

Spencer Hot Springs

Spencer Hot Springs


These waterholes, just three hours north of Reno in Austin, are famous for their soothing warm mineral waters known to help heal aches and pains. There are three springs, including one of the largest in Austin, with water temperatures on the higher side, reaching up to 140 degrees in a concrete tub. The springs rest on public grounds, with nearby spaces for camper vans and picnics. To learn more about Spencer Hot Springs, visit austinnevada.com

Fish Lake Valley Hot Springs


Though primarily artificial, the Fish Lake Valley Hot Springs in Dyer is a must to visit for hot spring enthusiasts, located just an hour from Tonopah in Esmeralda County. Here, a well flows into a 3-ft.-deep concrete tub, with overflowing water running into a natural pond. The temps get upwards of 100 degrees depending on the weather, and the site is free and open to the public for use. To learn more about Fish Lake Valley Hot Springs, visit accessesmeralda.com

Gold Strike Hot Springs

Boulder City

Gold Strike Hot Springs can be found in Boulder City, just an hour from The Strip. The spot is famous for its high-risk, high-reward-style venture, with visitors having to hike two miles of intense climbing to get to Gold Strike. Though if you manage to make it to the end, you will be rewarded with one of the most beautiful hot springs in Nevada. The spot offers secluded views of the Colorado River and the Hoover Dam, in addition to many pools to hop around and a unique hot spring waterfall. To learn more about Gold Strike Hot Springs, visit nps.gov

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