Shannon Mariani

Fabulous People: Shannon Mariani

Shannon Mariani is the director of The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas, which recently earned a new Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star award. Mariani brings 20 years of luxury spa experience to her role, offering a fresh approach to body and beauty. Learn about Shannon Mariani…

Hometown: Leadville, Colorado

First job: I worked at an ice cream parlor scooping ice cream and making homemade waffle cones. I burned my fingers on that waffle cone maker so much that by the end of the summer I could touch anything hot and not even feel it!  

Favorite ways to spend your free time in NV: I love a good pool scene, lounging in the sun and cooling off in the water. 

Your biggest accomplishment and why: It is, hands down, the family my husband and I have built. I have three beautiful children who are my biggest and best accomplishment. Nothing can top that. 

The biggest obstacle you overcame: I was thrown into a high management position at a very young age, and I suddenly found myself in a situation where I not only had to sink or swim, but also had to formulate the type of manager/boss I wanted to be for my team. This is difficult when you are young. I was still trying to decide and figure out the type of person I wanted to be in life, let alone in business.   

Someone who inspires you and why: My mother. She is exudes that motherly nurturing feeling as well as a calm strength all at the same time. Somehow, she managed to own a successful business working full-time and yet be the most present and in-the-moment mother I could ever ask for. I cannot think of a single time when she hasn’t been available to support me, celebrate with me, cry with me or just listen. She is my best friend, and I hope to try to give my children the same that she gives me. 

Advice to someone pursuing a career path in what you do: Embrace the creative, wellness and holistic side of the spa industry, learning about new treatments and curating different products. However, don’t shy away from the analytical, financial and business side. The more well-rounded you are, the more of an asset you become. 

Favorite quote: “The beauty of a rain dance is in the timing.”

Something someone would be surprised to learn about you: I am embarrassed to say that I have an irrational fear of giraffes. Yes, I know it is unusual, but I can’t help it. 

What makes someone fabulous: There is nothing more fabulous than someone who is confident. A great pair of high heels doesn’t hurt either! 

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