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Fabulous People: Domenico (Mimmo) Ferraro

Domenico (Mimmo) Ferraro is the executive chef of Ferraro’s Ristorante and owner of Pizza Forte. Both are Las Vegas-based restaurants dishing up delicious Italian fare. Learn about Mimmo Ferraro…

Hometown: Born and raised in Las Vegas.

First job: Ferraro’s Restaurant working in the cold kitchen preparing salads, desserts, and cold appetizers.

Favorite way to spend your free time in NV: I enjoy spending time with my wife, son and daughter. I also like sports and golfing with the boys. You can also find me outdoors hiking and on walks with the family and dogs. 

Your biggest accomplishments and why: My greatest accomplishment is my family! I have a beautiful wife, son and daughter. Also, becoming the executive chef of the best Italian restaurant in Las Vegas. And, opening three successful Pizza Forte locations in 12 months. These are my greatest accomplishments because of the dedication and hard work it takes to create a support team and quality business.

The biggest obstacle you overcame: My health! I became very ill at the age of 17. I suffered from a bleeding ulcer that ruptured an artery and resulted in having major surgery my senior year of high school. I’m back and better than ever!

Someone who inspires you and why: The hardest working man I know, my father Gino Ferraro, who has paved an amazing path for my success. He is passionate and a perfectionist, almost to a fault. He is dedicated to his family and his business, and has been an amazing role model.

Advice to someone pursuing a career path in what you do: RUN and RUN FAST! I would advise someone to be prepared to give up whatever life you had and prepare to work harder than you imagined. This is a tough, consuming business, but with passion and dedication, provides a rewarding life and a sense of purpose. Study and continue to learn and improve. Consistency is the name of the game.

Favorite quote: “Everything happens for a reason, just believe.” “Life is only as difficult as you make it.”

Something someone would be surprised to learn about you: I’m an open book. I have nothing to hide and what you see is what you get.

What makes someone fabulous: A positive attitude. I believe that positivity attracts positivity and the ability to manifest what you want in life. 

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